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Ihre freundlichen Gastgeber, Neustadt an der Weinstraße (IFG) - Online-Unterkunftssuche nach Ferienwohnungen und Gästezimmer - Neustadt on the Wine Route

Neustadt on the Wine Route

neustadt vorleserNeustadt / Weinstraße is also called "The Pearl of the Palatinate", and is without a doubt considered "the secret capital of wine", as the German and Palatine wine queen is chosen here every year after the great grape harvest in October, in the Saalbau, the central event building in the middle of the city centre.

NNeustadt an der Weinstraße is an enchanting place which, together with its partly famous wine villages, has about 50,000 inhabitants. The picturesque historic old town with its pretty alleys, lavishly renovated half-timbered houses, many idyllically designed backyards and one of the most beautiful market squares in Germany is the reason for this. Framed by the famous collegiate church, the imposing town hall, cafés and restaurants, there is always a hustle and bustle here.

In Neustadt and its incorporated wine villages there is much laughter and celebration. Events take place all year round, there is always something going on somewhere. In the warm season - on the climatically favoured Wine Route from the beginning of April to the end of October - there are many wine festivals.

The Palatinate is also called the "Tuscany of Germany". Neustadt is one of the places with the most hours of sunshine, about 1,700 a year. The perceptibly mild, Mediterranean climate means that the best and most delicious wine thrives here in abundance. And in general almost all fruits thrive here as well as in the Mediterranean south - figs, peaches, chestnuts, almonds and even limonen and kiwis.

The unique charm of Neustadt does not come by chance. The pearl of the Palatinate nestles against the largest contiguous forest area in Germany, the Palatinate Forest, and is surrounded on the other side by a sea of vineyards. You can't call them vineyards here.

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